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Stoneyholme Nursery School with Forest School

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The Learning Environment

Children learn best when they are enjoying themselves and when they feel safe and valued. We create an environment which is safe, rich in learning and fun!   

The school is in an enviable position of having a stimulating and exemplary learning environment indoors and outdoors. We also have a fabulous Forest School and Super Sensory Centre.

Our Super Sensory Centre…is a welcoming, calm place for all children…  it provides a space to reflect, relax and recharge. It is equipped with sensory lighting, bubble tube, soft seating,
projectors and other multi-sensory resources.

"Resources are superb and the classrooms are exciting places in which to learn. Staff and leaders make extra sure that every aspect of the school’s environment is well planned and used for learning. Wonderful displays on the walls of the school celebrate children’s learning extremely positively." Ofsted 2017 
In our Nursery all areas of continuous provision both indoors and outdoors are regularly enhanced with exciting and stimulating resources to encourage curiosity and independence and promote the awe and wonder of the world!  
Activities are planned to enhance children’s speech, language and communication skills and help them learn how to make friends and to share and take turns. We offer challenges to the children where they can take risks in a safe environment.
We also have visitors to nursery to enhance the children’s learning which include musicians, a potter, the Lancashire Hawks and Owls and the community police.