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Promoting positive behaviour and self-regulation

‘Providers are responsible for managing children’s behaviour in an appropriate way’.
Statutory Framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage 2021 


Self-regulation involves children’s developing ability to regulate their emotions, thoughts and behaviour to enable them to act in positive ways toward a goal.

We encourage all our children to gain independence and to be confident to make decisions.

Young children practice and build up ideas learn how to control their behaviour and understand the need for rules. They have the opportunity to think creatively alongside their friends, communicate, and refine their ideas.

Our approach to promoting positive behaviour

Self-regulation depends on and grows out of co-regulation, where adults and children work together toward a common purpose, including finding ways to resolve upsets from stress in any domain, and return to balance.

Our teaching strategies (pedagogy) includes co-regulation strategies to help children develop self-regulatory skills.

This includes three basic strategies:

Positive Relationships – Provide a warm, responsive relationship where children feel respected, comforted and supported in times of stress, and confident that they are cared for at all times.

Enabling Environments – Create an environment that makes self-regulation manageable, structured in a predictable way that is physically and emotionally safe for children to explore and take risks without unnecessary stressors.

Learning and Development – Teach self-regulation skills through modelling, suggesting strategies, providing frequent opportunities to practice, and scaffolding to support children to use self-regulation skills.