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Stoneyholme Nursery School with Forest School

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Our Image of the Child

 Our ‘Image of a Child’ is based on mutual respect, and our belief that they can teach us, learn and grow. This is a competent child.

We have high expectations for all children and our ambition is for every child to succeed.

We believe that all children are competent and capable and  have great potential.

At Stoneyholme Nursery School, all staff, parents and governors agree that our ‘Image of the Child’ will ensure that:

  • Children are able to communicate in a range of ways and express their uniqueness.
  • Children are imaginative, creative thinkers who explore endless possibilities.
  • Children feel confident, are independent, and are able to be themselves.
  • Children are curious, inquisitive and are in charge of their own learning
  • Children have a sense of belonging to the wider society and make a positive contribution.
  •  Children are comfortable in their own skin. They are encouraged to take risks in their learning and ‘have a go’.