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Stoneyholme Nursery School

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Nursery Admissions

Admission Policy for Stoneyholme Nursery School

Parents may register their child at any time.

Stoneyholme Nursery School has adopted Lancashire County Councils arrangements for school’s admissions. ( see booklet on schools admissions)

The Local Authority requires places be allocated according to the following criteria, in priority order:

  1. Children in public care (looked after children) or those children at risk of becoming looked after.
  2. Children with statements of special educational needs (SEN) and those with exceptional/strong SEN reasons for attending a particular school/ setting.
  3. Exceptional/strong medical, social, welfare reasons (associated with the child and/or the family) for attending a particular school/setting.
  4. Children who will have a sibling in attendance at the time of their admission.
  5. Parents/carers who provide evidence of training/education at a local establishment, working locally or established local childcare arrangements (at the time of the child’s admission).
  6. Those living nearest to the school/setting.


  • In relation to i), ii), iii), iv) and v) parents must provide the necessary evidence and contact names/e-mail/telephone numbers with their application.
  • For criteria iv) siblings are defined as brothers, sisters, step brothers, step sisters, half brothers, half sisters, adopted and fostered children living with the same family at the same address.
  • In relation to vi) the distance from home to nursery will be measured in a straight line (centre of building to centre of building).
  • Criteria vi) will be used as a tie break should there be oversubscription within any of the stated admission criteria.


In most cases children will be admitted to the nursery session of their parents’ preference. Occasionally, however, a session will receive more applications than there are available places. Parents will be able to seek provision elsewhere and can also request that their child’s name be placed on a waiting list for places at their preferred school or class. Should places become available then these will be offered in accordance with the published admission criteria and not on a first come first served basis.

Where a single place remains at a setting and this is required by twins/triplets etc, or siblings born in the same year then a random draw will decide the offer. Similarly, if there is a single available place and there are two identical straight line measures then a random draw will decide the offer.

In relation to the extended provision and increased flexibility there may be the need for prior contact with individual applicants about their requested hours and/or pattern of provision. This may lead to negotiation and agreement about what is available at that setting. Referrals to other local providers as possible options may also be an outcome. In addition, shared provision may be suggested as a consideration in certain circumstances. Any discussions which are necessary will be aimed at meeting the needs of applicants by signposting provision at that setting and in the area as a whole and highlighting the overall strategy of flexibility.

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